Monday, March 23, 2009


they said to me that guys are sweet talker..
for me..
if they ask me..
i will vote for yes..
guys are sweet talker..
why i said like this...
bcoz i use to face this kind of mens..
not once not twice but thousand time...
they make me fill..
something that i like to hear..
make me in the sky..
feel like im the lovely girl in his world..
there was a story..
a true story that happen to me..
(this is just one of the story of men that are sweet talker i've met...)
even those sometimes i feel that..
girlz like me still can have someone interested..
( im tembun right)
and that guys who try to flirt me(i think)..
that guy is very good looking..
better than the forensic guys..
i guess...
but still...
his words..
can make me not sleep for about a month..
but that is my history..
i can say that i've left him..
(sebelum apa2 hubungan akan bermula)
its just aku yang aku is very afraid person...
so just let close the case..
(but still i feel nervous if i will meet him anywhere,hope not)
thats why i said that guys are very sweet talker..
this include my father..
(sory apak)
guys are sweet talker..
its can be in good way for good purpose..
its can be in good way for a very bad purpose..
its can be in bad way but for a good purpose..
and its also can be in bad way and for a very bad purpse..
so as for me..
what i can do is just..
not to believe with most of all their sweet talk..
i cannot take all the word they say seriously..
i just think is just for fun only..
nothing serious.
all of their words...
being me as me is as hard as being aku yang aku..
as a conclusion..
let as women become a sweet talker also..


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