Sunday, October 2, 2011


i do not understand..

why its always like that..

wanted to say something...

but never can let it out..

wanted to do something..

but never will it occur..

its juz stay still in my mind..

never will be understand..

the word inside..

and the word outside..

both come from the same person..

but is the word r same..?

if not same

which one r the real..?

for sure the one that belong to inside..



both cannot be trust..


can change..

both can be not the same..

to believe..

is the only way..

to trust is the only way..

can that be done..?


why is that soo..?

life is just soo difficult..

being someone..

being human

being anthing..

every one r moving soo fast..

how can be done

to follow their speed?

im just too slow..

when there is no rope to be hold..

what can i do..?

just to survive..?

to be at the top?

with everyone?

nota serabut--> the me is not me,its just another me..

---> when the mind is not clear, nonsense become the leader..

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