Sunday, October 9, 2011

my love... love..
im soo miss u..
miss ur smile..
miss ur voice..
miss ur joke..
miss everythnig.. 
all about u..
i wish ur r here.
by my side..
u r always in my heart..
always be..
never forget..
bout u..
i always..
put u in my pray..
never forget u..
without u..
im nothing..

please be brave..
please be strong..

never give up!!

i know u can do it..

i wish u..
to get well soon..

maybe im not by ur side..
but u must always remember..
i always be in ur heart..

my dear..
never lose hope...
i know u can do it..
to fight  it..
i will be waiting u..
so that..
we can be together..
like always..

nota sedih--> oh Abe cepat la sembuh..:'( 

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