Tuesday, October 4, 2011

sorry again~~

again and again..
i forgot..
do i care..?
of cousre
i do..
soo sorry..
but i never forget u..
not just today..
but every day..
u r in my mind..
in my heart..

bcoz u r someone special..
that i even..
include u..
in my pray..
never forget u..
u care bout me..
u love me..
even im very bad to u..
im soo sorry..
i at least try to be..
someone u wish for..
but sometime..
i disobey you..
its not ur problem..
its my problem..
u always in my heart..
in my mind..
in my soul..
without you..
im nothing.. sorry..
its my fault..
not being with u..
in ur side..
im just not ready..
to feel the pain..
im just too..
its not the time..

i will try..
my best..
to be with you..
to take ur burden..
to dry ur tears..
to do everything for u..

u r very special to me..
a love you..
deep in my heart..

right now im just nobody..
but i hope that..
when i am somebody...
i can give you..
all the happiness..
in the world..

and u will be gone..
with no regret..


nota bengong:- hope u can wait for me, my lovely մայր

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